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whambo's Journal

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My name is Dave Gorman.
Ok, so it's not.
My name is Sam Cox.
Ok, so that's not actually me, either. But let's pretend, shall we?
My name is Sam Cox and I rock, in many a sense of the word. I'm insanely pretty and I play the guitar like a demon*, especially when coupled with my own glittery instrument, Junior. I'm very, very intelligent and I could probably get into any university I want, but I'll pick one with good medical courses because one day I'm going to be a doctor. And I'll be a great doctor, despite that one little accident I had once where I passed out at the sight of my own blood.
I love music. My CD collection has become a great, towering pile on top of my desk, and my collection of band plectrums is growing by the gig. Oh, and one day I'm going to marry Brandon Boyd, and Nicky Wire lives in my shed.
I like green things. My mobile phone (yes, I eventually succumbed to the lure of technology) is green and tends to remind people vaguely of a maggot. I also like kitsch things; therefore things which are both green and kitsch will be immediately picked up and "ooh"-ed over.
I don't like daddy long-legs, but I do like tea.

*A demon with great guitar-playing skills
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